Julia Mair

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and Head of Sustainability

The Clarivate story, going strong

Today and moving forward, we are building Clarivate into a responsible, sustainable company that supports its customers, colleagues and shareholders alike, both now and in the future. A year ago, we re-introduced ourselves to the world as Clarivate. This marked a turning point for both our company and our brand. It was more than a change to […]

Advancing sustainability to propel long term success

Julia Mair, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and Head of Sustainability at Clarivate, discusses the driving forces for advancing sustainability at Clarivate and highlights how we’re bringing it full circle as part of everything we do.   Over the past few years, businesses have increasingly recognized their responsibility to prioritize sustainability in their supply chains, […]

Clarivate fellows promote sustainable solutions for racial equity

Two Clarivate colleagues have joined the CEO Action for Racial Equality fellowship to promote sustainable public policies and corporate engagement strategies that address systemic racism, social injustice and improve societal well-being. This week, CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ (CEO Action) launched the CEO Action for Racial Equity, a fellowship that provides the opportunity for […]

The Clarivate story continues

Did you know that the name Clarivate is derived from the three words clarity, activate and innovate? That’s because we give our customers the clarity they need in order to activate a lifecycle of innovation. Innovation doesn’t just happen – it’s a process. Every invention we use, product we buy and service we consume has […]

Pledging our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Clarivate signs the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™, the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Today we celebrate World Day for Cultural Diversity – a day that acknowledges the value of diversity – a source of identity, innovation and creativity for all. At Clarivate, we embrace an unwavering commitment […]

Clarivate celebrates International Women’s Day 2020

This International Women’s Day, we are extremely proud to celebrate and champion the amazing women of Clarivate who go above and beyond to innovate, lead and uplift others both in and outside of our company. The Women@Clarivate (W@C) employee resource group, which is represented by many chapters around the world, works tirelessly to provide year-round […]

Celebrating inclusivity, community and career development with Women at Clarivate

Julia Mair, Chief Marketing Officer, Clarivate Analytics, discusses the Women at Clarivate program and hails the inspirational winners of its first international awards. Women@Clarivate works to cultivate an environment in which women flourish through the creation of opportunities for social interaction, networking, community engagement and professional development in an effort to uplift employees who identify […]

Trademark.com Wins 2019 Brand Impact Award for Professional Services!

In April, Clarivate Analytics launched Trademark.com to empower small businesses to protect their brands and trademarks, keeping them safe from copycats. With Trademark.com, entrepreneurs and small business owners can now monitor up to five marks for copycat activity, determine the availability of their desired mark before applying and secure help filing their trademark applications with […]