Jonathan Adams

Chief Scientist, Institute for Scientific Information at

Annual G20 Scorecard: The link between COVID-19 response and research subject diversity

Our latest Global Research Report from the Institute for Scientific Information examines G20 member countries’ research performance and includes a special analysis of their COVID-19 research Each year we report our Annual G20 Scorecard as a prelude to the G20 Summit – a two-day gathering of the world’s major economies, set this year in Rome, […]

The expanding research landscape of Latin America

Analysts at the Institute for Scientific Information report on the research profiles of 34 countries in South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Latin America is a broad and diverse region that includes not only South America but also Central America, Mexico and parts of the Caribbean. In our latest Global Research Report, we […]

Time to get even – the value of research diversity

The latest ISI report identifies a new way to calculate and compare how well nations and institutions could respond to unforeseen challenges, based on the diverse spread of research areas in their portfolios ‘Diversity’ has long been a watchword in fields such as economics and ecology, and in recent years has gained prominence in the […]