Assessing Domains for Non-Renewal

As expiration dates approach for domains in your portfolio, you may be asking if there are any domains that should be let go. Before setting a domain name to Do Not Renew, it is essential to consider some of the key implications of releasing a domain.

First, consider the yearly costs incurred by holding the domain registration. Brand owners should use this as a baseline for the internal value of the domain. We then encourage clients to determine if the annual cost of the domain registration can be justified by any of the following factors. If so, it may be a good candidate for renewal.

Would it be easy for a consumer to transpose letters while searching for your website? Domain misspellings are a simple way to route traffic to your website as opposed to a search engine or malicious site.

Is the domain easily mistaken for your brand? A number or hyphen inserted into a brand term are called look-a-like domains” and may confuse consumers into believing the website is legitimate and secure.

If an individual with malicious intent had access to this domain could your customers or employees be deceived? Misspellings and look-a-like domains are easy ways for individuals with ill intent to deceive consumers and employees into providing private information. Often the victims of these scams blame the brand owner for leaving the door open for such deception.

Does the domain resolve to live content or receive traffic queries? An easy way to add value to your brand or domain portfolio is to forward non-resolving domains to your core domain. Assessing performance benchmarks based on traffic-to-revenue conversion ratios can assist in adding value or confirm minimal risk in letting the domain go.

What costs would be incurred if this domain needed to be recovered? Brand owners may be forced to resort to legal action or acquisitions to recover a released domain. In addition deterioration of brand reputation is always a risk should a domain land in the wrong hands.

Does the domain have any resale value? If there are no concerns with the previously listed factors it is important to consider if the domain has potential market value for resale. It may present an opportunity to bring in revenue that can be used for future domain expenses.

MarkMonitor offers a variety of strategic services to assist brand owners in making these important decisions. Please contact MarkMonitor to begin your portfolio assessment today.