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Find and advance the hottest new research in your field, step-by-step

Keeping up with breakthrough research is no easy feat. Helping to advance that breakthrough research is even harder – especially if you’re a new academic. Luckily, it doesn’t always need to involve years in the lab. The latest Research Fronts™ report gives you quick insight into hot and emerging research heating up across the scientific […]

Get the insights you need on the Coronaviruses from Clarivate Analytics

Access the world’s leading research and late-breaking news on this rapidly evolving health emergency. A global health emergency can occur without warning, as we are currently experiencing with the rapidly-spreading coronavirus outbreak. As scientists attempt to develop vaccines and treatments as quickly as possible to meet the increasing needs of those affected, medical researchers and […]

Young statistician aims to predict the risk of deadly cancer with a blood test

A new prediction model could identify adults at high risk of colorectal cancer using the full blood count, says Oxford Statistician, Pradeep Virdee. This blog post originally appeared on the Publons™ blog.   More than 860,000 people died of colorectal cancer in 2018, making it one of the world’s deadliest cancers. It’s also the third […]

Want To Peer Review? Top 10 Tips To Get Noticed By Editors

Ever awkwardly listened to your colleagues complain about too many peer review requests? Do you desperately nod your head in agreement despite the fact no journal editor has ever approached you? It’s ok. You’re not alone: There’s a paradox in peer review and you’re probably caught up in it. Academic journal editors say that getting […]

ScholarOne Team Spotlight: Gwen Baker

The ScholarOne™ team works closely with our clients, from live trainings to building and configuring new sites. In this blog series, get to know our team members, connect a face to a name, and learn a trick or two about the platform. Name & Title: Gwen Baker, Solutions Specialist for ScholarOne Manuscripts How long have […]

Have the 2010s been good for peer review?

How has peer review fared in the 2010s? We outline some key trends that have helped to define, challenge, and progress the peer review system over the past decade. A lot can happen in ten years — take the beginnings of Publons, for instance. The company was little more than a bold idea in 2010. […]

New Global Research Report from the Institute for Scientific Information examines impact of multi-authorship on citations

National agencies and academic institutions must be wary of potentially erratic citation patterns from hyper-authored papers that can distort research management analysis London, UK, and Philadelphia, US, December 4, 2019: A new report released today by the Institute for Scientific Information™ at Clarivate Analytics identifies a growing number of research articles in the Web of […]

How to Write a Peer Review: 12 things you need to know

Learning how to peer review is no small feat. You’re responsible for protecting the public from false findings and research flaws, while at the same time helping to uncover legitimate breakthroughs. You’re also asked to constructively critique the research of your peers, some of which has taken blood, sweat, tears and years to put together. […]