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Finding the right data

The ability to find relevant data is only possible if it’s discoverable and that’s precisely where resources like the Data Citation Index on Web of Science come into play.

Quality and Quantity

Hear from Tilla Edmunds, the Content Management director for Web of Science, as she describes the work that goes into making sure Web of Science holds the highest quality data available.

Video: Uncovering the right research

Join us in this first installment of a new video series which Martin Dean, senior figures from academia, and the experts of Web of Science take a look at some of the key challenges in research today.

Beall’s list: gone but not lost

Beall’s list of ‘predatory’ open access journals has disappeared but the information isn’t lost: It still exists across many resources – including on Publons. Note: It is worth clarifying here that Publons is not an indexing service. That means that any journal in the world can have some kind of presence on Publons. The reasoning […]