Academic & Government

Structuring a media analysis

Be it television, books, blogs, email or Twitter, media shapes human cultures, perceptions and reactions to events. Because so much of the information we consume is through the media, studying media is a valuable – and fascinating – way to gain understanding of the lenses through which we view various topics and issues.

Today’s Hottest Researchers

Web of Science statistics point to authors whose recent papers have consistently scored high citations, indicating significance and usefulness in active fields.

Research metrics in practice

Metrics can provide powerful insight into research trends, but understanding which indicators to use and how to most appropriately apply and interpret them is critical to ensuring an accurate assessment.

Broadening the reach of research

For the research community, summaries of scientific and scholarly articles written in plain language broaden the use of research by increasing its discoverability and allowing authors more opportunities to be read and cited. For the general public, these summaries mean that research can be better understood by non-academics.