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New Fast-Breaking Paper in coral Reef Ecology

In the most recent iteration of Fast-Breaking Papers, the article “Global warming and recurrent mass bleaching of corals” (Nature 543 [7645]: 373-+, 16 March 2017) was the most-cited for Environment & Ecology. Currently in Essential Science Indicators, this paper is both Hot and Highly Cited. The Web of Science shows 51 citations to this paper […]

What’s new in the ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.22 release

Preventing peer review fraud Peer review, at the heart of research, is the last bastion safeguarding the integrity of science. Maintaining the vigor and trustworthiness of this process is critical; otherwise all of scholarly communication is at risk. In an effort to assist publishers with identifying potentially fraudulent peer reviews, the upcoming ScholarOne Manuscripts v4.22 […]

Scientific Research in East Africa: key trends and observations

East African research output has grown rapidly over the last 12 years, and the region represents a solid scientific environment that is playing an increasingly important role in global science.   “With positive growth trajectory predicted over the medium term, the EAC has a good chance of reaching a developmental tipping point.” (Mwangi, S. Kimenyi […]

Five tips for using stock photos in your email marketing

How can you use images effectively in your marketing? Stock photos can enhance the content in your emails without adding additional design work, and there are a lot of resources to find stock images –some of which are free, some paid. Images, used correctly and in a positive light, can bring out positive emotions from […]

Liberal arts college bolsters science programs with Web of Science

Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia, is a private, liberal arts college with an enrollment of 1,200 students. The university’s CORE program is a unique blending of general education combined with a thematic approach to all disciplines. In 2016, Oglethorpe’s Philip Weltner Library established a new student research development fund to help students in conducting undergraduate […]

September’s Fast-Breaking Papers from Essential Science Indicators

Essential Science Indicators from Clarivate Analytics lists Highly Cited Papers, which constitute the top 1% of papers in each of 22 broad fields and each year of coverage. The lists, updated every two months to reflect their current citation counts, also include new papers that enter the top percentile.   Here, we identify Fast-Breaking Papers, a […]

The Latest New Hot Papers from Essential Science Indicators

Every two months, Essential Science Indicators from Clarivate Analytics is updated. At each update, we look at New Hot Papers, which are papers published in the past two years that are in the top one-tenth of one percent (0.1%) for their field and publication period.   For the third bimonthly update of 2017, which was […]

That was then but this is now… #OAWeek – Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about our history of providing an independent, neutral source for the world’s most influential journals, books, proceedings and data repositories, spanning more than 50 years. Like Eugene Garfield, we value what scientists and scholars do and we honor their commitment and dedication to their institutions and their colleagues. A vital research activity […]

Who’s using open peer review?

The 10th annual International Open Access Week kicked off on Monday, celebrating the benefits of opening up access to research and scholarship. Open Access refers to the free, immediate, online access and use of scholarly research results. But it’s not a stand-alone concept. Since the 1990s the ideas surrounding open access gained momentum alongside other […]

Easing the Path to Access OA Content for Researchers – Part 1

This week marks the 10th anniversary of ‘International Open Access Week,’ and this year’s observance carries a thought-provoking theme: “Open in order to….” This is in itself an open-ended statement which urges us all to focus on what Open Access (OA) really enables, and how we can further enable OA. Clarivate Analytics is not a […]