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For undergraduates at Berry College, the Web of Science proves essential

If some professionals in science and academia tend to associate the Web of Science exclusively with large, research-intensive universities and institutions, the perception is understandable. It may be due to the database’s origins as the world’s first science citation index over a half-century ago, or to the stature resulting from comprehensively covering more than a […]

Metaphor and Metrics

Instead of a basket, or a tide, let’s talk about metrics as mosaic.   Images influence how we think.  That’s why metaphors matter.  They can clarify and improve our understanding of complex concepts.  They can both reflect and shape our attitudes. The metaphors of journal metrics started with “impact.” Impact[1]:       a : to […]

Current Classics from Essential Science Indicators

Current Classics is a listing of Highly Cited Papers having the greatest absolute increase in cumulative citations from the previous bimonthly period to now. One paper is selected for each of the 22 fields in Essential Science Indicators from Clarivate Analytics. A total of up to 10 years of Essential Science Indicators citation data, plus some number […]

Fast-Breaking Papers in Essential Science Indicators, March Update

Essential Science Indicators from Clarivate Analytics lists Highly Cited Papers, which constitute the top 1% of papers in each of 22 broad fields and each year of coverage. Highly Cited Papers are updated every two months to reflect their current citation counts, and include new papers that enter the top percentile. Here, we identify Fast-Breaking Papers, […]

Measuring innovation in Asia Pacific universities

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs   On today’s global stage, being innovative is seen as a driver of knowledge creation as well as economic and social impact. As such, measuring a university’s innovation is a useful way of determining the institution’s potential impact on the economy and society. To […]

For the Web of Science, yet another milestone

In recent years, Clarivate Analytics Web of Science has achieved notable milestones. In 2014, the Science Citation Index (SCI), the forerunner on which today’s Web of Science Core Collection is based, marked the 50th anniversary of its release. The following year saw the Web of Science platform compile its one billionth cited reference. That is, […]

Learning from history: Understanding the origin of the JCR

This article is part of a 2018 JCR blog series exploring journal metrics, history, transparency, and features​. See more in this series. For the past decade or so, the annual release of the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) has led to a frenzy of discussion about the Journal Impact Factors (JIF), their meaning, value, increase or […]

Which research papers are hot in Southeast Asia?

Essential Science Indicators (ESI) from Clarivate Analytics is updated every two months. At each update, we look at Hot Papers, which are papers published in the past two years that are in the top one-tenth of one percent (0.1%) for their field and publication date. These represent young papers that have rapidly gathered a high number […]

Powered by Clarivate Analytics, a new ranking of Ibero-American journals highlights emerging research

Realizing a collaboration begun with Clarivate Analytics in 2017, the organization Red Iberoamericana de Innovación y Conocimiento Científico (REDIB) has launched its Ibero-American Journal Rankings. Based on Clarivate data, the listings feature regional journals published in Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages relevant to specific academic communities in the Ibero-American region. Incorporating a novel methodology that […]