Know Your Metrics: Immediacy Index

In Journal Citation Reports, there are an entire suite of metrics by which to measure a journal. Each week here on Science Research Connect, we’ll take a closer look at one of these metrics.

A Closer Look at Cited and Citing Half-Lives

You’ve seen Cited Half-Life and Citing Half-Life data in Journal Citation Reports (JCR)—there’s a graph and a table of journals listed for every journal in the database with 100 or more citations—but what do they mean? How do you keep them straight between Cited and Citing? Why should you care about them?

How to evaluate a manuscript critically: 12 questions you should always ask yourself

It’s finally happened: you have received your first invitation to peer review. You accept, pick up your red pen, and shuffle gleefully in your chair. This is your much anticipated contribution to the scientific community. But then the panic sets in: what does peer review really mean, and what should you look out for while reading […]

Are you the right reviewer? 5 questions to ask yourself

Ethical research is everyone’s responsibility. Researchers, editors and peer reviewers all play a role in maintaining the quality and integrity of research pushed out into the public domain. With that in mind, here’s some ethical questions to consider before accepting a manuscript to review. Peer review is at the heart of the research ecosystem. It’s […]

Beall’s list: gone but not lost

Beall’s list of ‘predatory’ open access journals has disappeared but the information isn’t lost: It still exists across many resources – including on Publons. Note: It is worth clarifying here that Publons is not an indexing service. That means that any journal in the world can have some kind of presence on Publons. The reasoning […]