Editors’ guide to finding peer reviewers

Need help finding peer reviewers who are reliable and motivated? Read Publons’ comprehensive guide for editors. We provide tips, advice, and the latest technology to find journal reviewers and avoid peer review fraud in today’s publish or perish culture. Solutions for finding journal reviewers (at a glance): Recognize your peer reviewers Enhance review transparency at your journal […]

Journal analysis: More than just Impact Factor

Although Journal Impact Factor is perhaps the best-known metric provided by Clarivate Analytics, it is only one of several available indicators for assessing journal performance and influence. Here, I use the benchmarking tool InCites, built on the Web of Science foundation, to highlight other indicators that may be of interest to users. To examine journal […]

Review a manuscript like a pro: 6 tips from a Publons Academy supervisor

Peer review getting you down? Have you been asked to review and don’t know where to start? Or have you tentatively submitted a few reviews and never been quite sure if you’re doing it “right”?   That’s okay: there are tips you can learn to make the process easier and more robust–for you, the authors, […]

It’s not the size that matters

We celebrate 300K reviewers on Publons with a new data project: join us as we uncover the average length of scientific peer review across disciplines, journals, and countries, and question what it means for review quality. One of the most important criticisms of the peer review system is that it is much too slow. It […]

Who’s using open peer review?

The 10th annual International Open Access Week kicked off on Monday, celebrating the benefits of opening up access to research and scholarship. Open Access refers to the free, immediate, online access and use of scholarly research results. But it’s not a stand-alone concept. Since the 1990s the ideas surrounding open access gained momentum alongside other […]

A Closer Look at the Journal Impact Factor Numerator

The Journal Impact Factor is the brainchild of our late founder, Dr. Eugene Garfield, and has been the mainstay of journal analysis since its inception. In this video, we will look at the calculation of the Journal Impact Factor and take a deeper dive into what makes up the numerator of the calculation.     […]

Journal Citation Reports Data Refresh

Journal Citation Reports releases annually, but we also provide a data refresh approximately three months later, to allow for journals whose data was not complete to be added and receive all of their metrics. For this year’s refresh, 28 journals were added to Journal Citation Reports. For full information about this update, please see the […]

5 Steps to Writing a Winning Post-Publication Peer Review

On October 13, 2016, we were warned of the 115-year limit to our lifespans. It was a spoiler for those of us certain we could live forever and contestable news for researchers worldwide.   The research was published in Nature and hotly debated the moment it hit newsstands. The first to write an open review on Publons […]