The missing piece of the puzzle

The Romanian research landscape is evolving at an incredible rate with huge amounts of resources and funds being channelled into promoting Romania’s position in the global academic arena. However, they face fierce competition within Eastern Europe, across continent and globally.

The benefits of a stronger international position are compelling, both funding and promising academics will be attracted by a stronger Romanian research environment.

Over the last 25 years the largest majority of Romania’s research papers have been focused on the Electrical Engineering space (see graph) however they have presented a relatively low citation impact.



“It is noteworthy to understand that 30% of the references that the most important Romanian papers in Electrical Engineering have cited were published before 1990. Yet by limiting their research to post-1990 papers, Romanian researchers are missing access to 37% of the Electrical Engineering content available within the Web of Science Core Collection.

Access to scientific data and bibliometric analysis is essential for keeping pace with the academic achievements globally. In addition, access to more data will increase visibility and the use of data on a national level.

By extending access to more Web of Science content users will be able to enhance their citation searches. They can go back deeper into the history of their chosen fields, connecting more research papers with their own research and discovering new ideas that can lead to ground-breaking discoveries.

Understand the value of historical data, take a look at why Web of Science can provide the missing piece of the research puzzle.

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