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In Blog: When research is a laughing matter
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In honor of International Moment of Laughter Day on April 14, we decided to consult the Web of Science to assess the state of laughter as, so to speak, a serious research topic.

In Blog: Top Five Egyptian Institutions by Research Output (2006-2016)
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Do you know the Top Five Egyptian institutions by research output for the years 2006 to 2016?

In Blog: Did you Know? Five Things about Web of Science Backfiles
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Can your users travel back in time? With Web of Science, you can offer users a full and unique retrospective view of the foundations of current science, back to the year 1900.

In Blog: Announcing the Eugene Garfield Scholarship
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Annual Memorial Scholarship in honor of Dr. Eugene Garfield’s legacy to the Information Sciences.

In Blog: Ever evolving attention on attention
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Medical research described symptoms characteristic of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as early 1798. But it wasn’t until the early 20th century that an emphasis on the disorder began to take shape.

In Blog: Choosing Your Publication Destination Wisely: Let Us Help
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This post is for all the researchers out there – particularly new researchers – who are seeking the ideal journal in which to publish what is sure to be a groundbreaking paper. How do you start this process?

In Blog: Your Comprehensive Guide to Journal Citation Reports Is Now Available
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What really makes up the Journal Impact Factor? Download your go-to guide to explore behind the scenes of the Journal Citation Reports.

In Blog: CiteScore: A Non-Rival for the Journal Impact Factor
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Recently, publishing giant Elsevier came out with a new journal evaluation metric, CiteScore.
At a time when new metrics are proliferating, it can sometimes be difficult to understand the key differences between indicators. So how does this new measure stack up against the Journal Impact Factor (JIF), part of the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) from Clarivate Analytics? Let’s take a look.