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In Blog: It’s ‘innovation season’ but what makes Clarivate Analytics analysis so unique?
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Innovation is an increasingly important mission for colleges and universities. Research-intensive institutions must understand and manage their connections to innovative companies in order to secure R&D funding from industry, increase income from licensing and royalties, attract entrepreneurial students, and recruit and retain entrepreneurial faculty.

In Blog: Median Asking Price for Patents on Brokered Market Dip
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The median asking price for all asset types, including U.S. and foreign patents and applications sold through the brokered patent market, fell during the quarter to about $108,000, compared with about $167,000 in the second quarter of the year, according to a new report.

In Blog: Jaguar Land Rover Patents Facial Recognition Locking Technology
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A selfie to unlock your car? Not quite, but your smiling face may be the way to get into a Jaguar or Land Rover very soon.

In Blog: China files one million patents requests in a single year
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China has become the first country to file one million patent applications in a single year, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) said on Wednesday.

In Blog: Honda Patents Touch-Sensitive Window Tinting
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Touch-sensitive window tinting could be coming to a car near you.

In Blog: What’s next for the USPTO?
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What will the future of the US Patent and Trademark Office look like after President-elect Donald Trump takes office?

In Blog: The Foldable Smartphone? Samsung Patents Flexible Display
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It’s been a number of years since the flip phone went the way of the dinosaur, but if a new Samsung patent is any indication, we may soon see the first smart flip phone.

In Blog: Apple Patents, of all Things, a Bag
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Apple’s patent portfolio has branched out to an unconventional new extension: the shopping bag.

In Blog: Joint Patent Licenses Catch on in Wireless
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Five big holders of cellular patents, including Qualcomm, are joining an effort proposed by Ericsson AB to jointly license patents in an emerging field called the Internet of Things.