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In Blog: Targeted Therapies for Quieter Genomes
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A bigger genome is sometimes easier to treat than a smaller one. Current methods of cancer therapy face challenges when treating the large majority of tumors that have quiet genomes.

In Blog: When So Much Depends on So Much: Optimizing Data Integration in the Bioinformatics Community
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Innovation is the life blood of the pharmaceutical industry, and innovation runs on data.

In Blog: Zika Goes Mainstream
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Zika virus, a formerly obscure mosquito-borne virus that was only rarely known to cause human disease –and only a mild, flu-like illness when it did– has burst on the international scene with a vengeance in recent months.

In Product: Newport Premium
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Newport Premium™ is the most advanced system for product targeting and global business development and is available in two versions: Newport Premium for Generics and Newport Premium for Innovators.

In Product: BioWorld MedTech
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Medical Device Daily™ is the news source of record for the high-tech medical technology industry and is relied on by thousands of industry insiders every business morning.

In Product: Cortellis Informatics
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Cortellis is the most powerful intelligence platform for life science professionals, providing unmatched content, superior usability, search sophistication and innovative knowledge sharing solutions.

In Product: BioWorld
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With writers and editors stationed around the globe, BioWorld Today reports the breaking news — and provides key perspective — on hundreds of medicines in development, the companies behind those therapeutic candidates, the business development transactions that evolve the market, and the regulatory hurdles that both challenge and guard the process.

In Product: Incidence & Prevalence Database
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The Incidence and Prevalence Database covers over 4,500 diseases, procedures, symptoms, and other health issues for incidence, prevalence, morbidity, mortality, comorbidity, treated or diagnosed rates, cost, and much more

In Product: Newport Premium for Innovators
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Newport Premium™ (for Innovators) is the most advanced intelligence solution for innovators to maximize the value and lifetime of their branded products by detecting and tracking global competition for their or their competitor’s products, lowering product costs at loss of exclusivity by switching to lower cost API suppliers and for developing and growing a global branded generics or biosimilars business.

In Product: Recap
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Recap provides analysis and advice for biopharmaceutical business development. Recap’s clients include biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, universities, investment banking, and venture firms. More than 1,500 organizations utilize Recap’s data services.