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In Blog: A quick refresher on Journal Citation Reports use cases, branding, and terms of use
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Journal Citation Reports (JCR) has a long and rich history and over the years, the use cases have expanded; JCR has become a valuable tool for publishers and for researchers.

In Blog: Research metrics in practice
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Metrics can provide powerful insight into research trends, but understanding which indicators to use and how to most appropriately apply and interpret them is critical to ensuring an accurate assessment.

In Blog: Your Comprehensive Guide to Journal Citation Reports Is Now Available
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What really makes up the Journal Impact Factor? Download your go-to guide to explore behind the scenes of the Journal Citation Reports.

In Blog: CiteScore: A Non-Rival for the Journal Impact Factor
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Recently, publishing giant Elsevier came out with a new journal evaluation metric, CiteScore.
At a time when new metrics are proliferating, it can sometimes be difficult to understand the key differences between indicators. So how does this new measure stack up against the Journal Impact Factor (JIF), part of the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) from Clarivate Analytics? Let’s take a look.

In Blog: Rich in our history
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What have we done with Journal Citation Reports in the last 40 years?

In Blog: JCR: Beyond the Journal Impact Factor
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Every year when the JCR is published, it seems all everyone talks about is the Journal Impact Factor (JIF).

In Blog: Recap of the 2016 Journal Citation Reports Release
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The 2016 edition of Journal Citation Reports is now available!

In Blog: Journal Suppressions in the 2015 JCR Data – Why So Few?
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See why fewer journals have been suppressed from this year’s release of Journal Citation Reports.