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In Blog: Apple Patents, of all Things, a Bag
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Apple’s patent portfolio has branched out to an unconventional new extension: the shopping bag.

In Blog: Joint Patent Licenses Catch on in Wireless
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Five big holders of cellular patents, including Qualcomm, are joining an effort proposed by Ericsson AB to jointly license patents in an emerging field called the Internet of Things.

In Blog: Thomson Reuters Reinvents Keyword Search Technology with New Smart Search for Thomson Innovation
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Thomson Reuters has reinvented search technology for intellectual property (IP) researchers in its latest update to Thomson Innovation, making the solution more intuitive and comprehensive for its users.

In Blog: Patent Reform Could Lead to Lower Drug Prices, But at What Cost?
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Prescription drug prices in the United States are constantly on the rise, and a new study suggests that the US Patent and Trademark Office is partially to blame.

In Blog: Columbia Sportswear Wins Reflective Patent Lawsuit
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Columbia Sportswear scored a big win in their case over heat reflective material.

In Blog: Is Nintendo Set to Change the Gaming Industry Again? New Patents Say Yes
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Once again, Nintendo may be set to change the way users play video games.

In Blog: Apple’s Latest Patent Battle is over Battery Charging Technology
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Apple is the target of a patent lawsuit again, and this time it’s over battery charging technology.

In Blog: Yahoo’s Patents May Not Be Worth That Much At All
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Is Yahoo in for a rude awakening when it comes time to sell their patent portfolio?