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In Blog: Clarivate Analytics Institutional Profiles Enters Year Eight!
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Since 2009, Clarivate Analytics has been profiling the world’s leading universities and research institutions using an exclusive set of key performance indicators for our Institutional Profiles initiative.

In Blog: Preserving, boosting innovation crucial in age of Brexit, Trump
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To the imponderables of the Brexit vote to leave the EU, U.K. biotech investors must now add the uncertainties generated by U.S. President Donald Trump’s pledge to bring down drug prices.

In Blog: The World’s Most Innovative Government Institutions
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To highlight the government institutions that have achieved the greatest impact in innovation, Clarivate Analytics recently teamed with Reuters News to release a new report on the Top 25 Global Innovators – Government.

In Blog: Web of Science Big Data Blooms in Bloomington
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Working with researchers on ways to improve both our data services and their research at the Web of Science as a Research Dataset Workshop.

In Blog: China files one million patents requests in a single year
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China has become the first country to file one million patent applications in a single year, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) said on Wednesday.

In Blog: IP & Science hosts the 2016 Executive Roundtable with Research Administrators in Bangkok
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With the theme of “Promoting Research Performance, Greater Collaboration and Innovation” this year, IP & Science ASEAN and North Asia hosted its second Executive Roundtable in Asia on August 26.

In Blog: Inspiring Innovation
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Here are some tips for where to start, and how to transform average ideas into potentially exciting new avenues.

In Blog: Yahoo’s Patents May Not Be Worth That Much At All
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Is Yahoo in for a rude awakening when it comes time to sell their patent portfolio?

In Blog: Law Professors Urge Congress to Take Up Patent Venue Reform
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The Eastern District of Texas has been the staging ground for thousands of patent battles every year, and there’s a reason for that. As it now stands, the majority of U.S. patent cases take place in just a few courts across the country, the aforementioned Texas district being the most popular. That’s because of local procedural rules and practices that attract plaintiffs. But now, a group of 45 law professors is urging the House of Representatives to step in and make a change.