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In Blog: Clarivate Analytics Institutional Profiles Enters Year Eight!
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Since 2009, Clarivate Analytics has been profiling the world’s leading universities and research institutions using an exclusive set of key performance indicators for our Institutional Profiles initiative.

In Blog: Clarity in a sea of details
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Web of Science and InCites work together to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

In Blog: It’s ‘innovation season’ but what makes Clarivate Analytics analysis so unique?
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Innovation is an increasingly important mission for colleges and universities. Research-intensive institutions must understand and manage their connections to innovative companies in order to secure R&D funding from industry, increase income from licensing and royalties, attract entrepreneurial students, and recruit and retain entrepreneurial faculty.

In Blog: New Hot Paper in Economics & Business Reports on New Method for Model Evaluation
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Here, we talk with the corresponding author, Professor Marko Sarstedt, about the paper and its implications for the field of Economics & Business as well as other fields in science and social sciences.

In Blog: What makes a World Class University?
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What defines a world-class university and how does one set to become a world-class university?

In Blog: Unbiased journal impact
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Hear from Jennifer Minnick, Research Analytics Manager, as she describes how our neutrality sets Clarivate Analytics apart.

In Blog: Clarivate Analytics Celebrates Women’s Day Kenya!
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The 8th March marks the Kenyan National Women’s Day, coinciding with International Woman’s Day

In Blog: The “Hygiene Hypothesis”
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CNCI reveals a 1989 article’s lasting impact.