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In Blog: New Hot Papers in Essential Science Indicators April Edition
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Every two months, Essential Science IndicatorsSM (ESI) from Clarivate Analytics updates with new data, including the latest New Hot Papers.

In Blog: What makes a World Class University?
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What defines a world-class university and how does one set to become a world-class university?

In Blog: Ever evolving attention on attention
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Medical research described symptoms characteristic of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as early 1798. But it wasn’t until the early 20th century that an emphasis on the disorder began to take shape.

In Blog: A quick refresher on Journal Citation Reports use cases, branding, and terms of use
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Journal Citation Reports (JCR) has a long and rich history and over the years, the use cases have expanded; JCR has become a valuable tool for publishers and for researchers.

In Blog: Research metrics in practice
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Metrics can provide powerful insight into research trends, but understanding which indicators to use and how to most appropriately apply and interpret them is critical to ensuring an accurate assessment.

In Blog: Choosing Your Publication Destination Wisely: Let Us Help
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This post is for all the researchers out there – particularly new researchers – who are seeking the ideal journal in which to publish what is sure to be a groundbreaking paper. How do you start this process?