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In Blog: Canada at 150: The Research Landscape takes a multifaceted approach to Canadian research
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Canada Day this year will mark the 150th anniversary of Canada. A recent report from Clarivate Analytics takes a deep dive into significant milestones in Canadian research throughout the years.

In Blog: Fast-Breaking Paper in Neuroscience & Behavior Maps the Cortical Areas of the Human Brain
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Matthew Glasser and David Van Essen, talk about their recent Hot Paper and its implications for the field of Neuroscience & Behavior.

In Product: Derwent Data Analyzer
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Derwent Data Analyzer™ desktop software offers a powerful interface for managing and extracting business-critical insights from patent and scientific data within in-house or commercial databases.

In Blog: Clarivate’s Global Institutional Profiles Project underscores the importance of reputation
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Of all a university’s assets – an attractive campus, an accomplished faculty, a range of technological resources for teaching and research, a generous endowment, thriving enrollment, etc. – one of the most important is, ironically, invisible: Reputation.

In Blog: Powering the world’s leading research and assessment organizations
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In evaluating research, it is critical to work with the most comprehensive global data and the most insightful analytics. Indeed, as the global academic landscape continues to expand, it is more important than ever to assess performance and recognize the accomplishments of the top universities.

In Blog: Current Classics from Essential Science Indicators
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Which papers have had the greatest increase in citations over the last ten years?

In Blog: New Hot Papers in Essential Science Indicators April Edition
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Every two months, Essential Science IndicatorsSM (ESI) from Clarivate Analytics updates with new data, including the latest New Hot Papers.

In Blog: Clarivate Analytics Institutional Profiles Enters Year Eight!
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Since 2009, Clarivate Analytics has been profiling the world’s leading universities and research institutions using an exclusive set of key performance indicators for our Institutional Profiles initiative.