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Your research team may be spread all over the world but you still need to work together in order to produce novel research. When you use EndNote, you will research smarter, leaving behind the tedious work of creating and formatting bibliographies and managing references. With freed up time and a central reference library to work from, you will be able to truly collaborate and unlock the full potential of your research.

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Journal Citation Reports™ lets you measure a journal’s influence, follow the best current reading in your field, find the best journals to publish your research, and see which journals cover the emerging hot topics.

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As you plan for your next research project, our experts can work with you to conduct in-depth data assessments and extractions from Web of Science. This means you will be able to reliably analyze research landscapes, connect research to outcomes, and understand emerging topics and trends. No other data source can give you the same degree of certainty.

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Using Bibliometrics in Your Research

Bibliometrics turns quantitative analysis on itself and approaches the evaluation of research with the same basic tool – counting. Counting the number of publications and citations and understanding their trends in context is key to evaluating the impact of research.

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