Protect your brands and intellectual property

Brands face a rapidly growing number of online threats such as cybersquatting, counterfeiting, digital piracy and phishing which severely undermine marketing investments, putting brand reputation, customer trust and revenue at risk. Learn how MarkMonitor Brand protection Solution, with its industry leading technology, enables you to comprehensively defend your brand against online threats across most online channels such as marketplaces, ecommerce sites, social media, paid search, email, P2P sites, cyber lockers, video streaming and the dark web.

Demonstrate effectiveness of brand protection programs

Through relevant, accurate data collection and timely insights, MarkMonitor delivers you actionable intelligence to prioritize and enforce against infringements. Save resources by using a solution that focuses resources and effort on the most damaging offenders, enabling you to derive maximum ROI from your brand protection program.

Bridge between digital and physical brand protection efforts

The most effective brand protection includes both online and offline strategy and tactics. In order to successfully approach and engage with law enforcement, brands are responsible for conducting the preliminary investigative work. This includes identifying high value targets; acquiring physical evidence via test buys, then processing and storing evidence following strict chain of custody protocols. Online enforcement generates a large amount of data on potential high value targets from which actionable intelligence can be extracted to drive on-the-ground investigation. Identify and prioritize targets to maximize the value of online enforcement data and bridge the virtual online world with the physical world.