Assess the novelty of your ideas and move through development faster

Conduct prior art and FTO searches to make build vs. buy decisions and allocate R&D investments. Supplement patent literature search with scientific literature search to accelerate change within your field and to develop new products faster.

Discover why your Scientists and Engineers should review patent literature and what the risks are if you base your R&D investments decisions on free online sources.

Reduce the risk of wasting your R&D budget

Missing important prior art risks allocating funds to non-patentable ideas. This could further prevent your organization from getting the funding it needs for future breakthrough research at a time when consumer needs are ever-changing.

Organizations waste 30% of their R&D budget through R&D duplication and patenting existing ideas. Save valuable resources by searching DWPI on Dewent Innovation to reduce the risk of wasting your R&D budget.

Access all the pertinent information in one place

Derwent Innovation is the only research platform that combines patent, scientific and news information critical for R&D professionals. Derwent is the only patent database that covers over 50 patenting authorities, including Japanese and Chinese inventions in English language. Derwent abstracts are written without legal jargon by scientists and engineers.

Emerging markets are becoming increasingly important for your company’s growth. Whether your R&D centers are outside your home country or you are developing products to launch in emerging markets, understanding the patent landscape is important. Find out why leading Patent Offices and R&D intensive organizations trust Derwent World Patents Index.

Identify ideas that could spark future product concepts

Patent documents contain 70% of technical information not found anywhere else—including scientific literature. Our easy-to-use platforms help you perform analysis across thousands of research documents and patents, with visual analytics displaying result by relevancy in charts and graphs.

Uncover white space, and identify others patenting in your research area and discover potential partners to help you get products to market faster. Read how 20,000 engineers at Honeywell International are fueling innovation with Clarivate Analytics.