Unique insights to power your strategy

You're tasked with creating the right strategy for publishing and establishing differentiation to attract the best authors and drive subscriptions and revenue.

It’s important to identify hot new research areas and to monitor the output of established competitors and new entrants. With access to the right data, you can identify new opportunities or acquire journals to differentiate yourself.

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Deliver a streamlined experience for authors

Offering easy submission and efficient editorial workflows to your contributing authors is critical. Authors may be less likely to submit papers to a journal if the process is slow and difficult.

Furthermore, timeliness in publishing is increasingly imperative because research moves so quickly in this globalized economy. You need solutions that can turn around manuscript submissions fast, speed up peer review, and ease the administrative burden for editors.

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Find new and qualified peer reviewers quickly

Peer review is a critical part of the editorial workflows and helps ensure the integrity of research. However, it can be difficult to find new peer reviewers who have the right background.

With the right suggestions for identifying new peer reviewers, you can avoid reviewer fatigue and grow new relationships.

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Identify hot topics and rising stars

You need to know what is happening in the research landscape - which topics are gaining interests and which researchers are leading the field.

By keeping up with the pace of research, you can then set the direction and make sure you’re publishing research about the latest discoveries made by the top minds.

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