Reach your specialized audience

Authors and reader have more choices. You need to be able to promote and differentiate your organization to gain a competitive edge.

Therefore reaching the right people in your field is critical. Without the right audience, much of your marketing efforts are wasted.

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Demonstrate the impact of your research through your marketing campaigns

By understanding the subjects covered and impact of your published books and journals, you can better position your products and develop marketing messages showcasing that impact.

In order to understand and articulate your titles’ impact, you need access to the right data.

Discover how one publisher utlized the metrics from InCites™ to understand their coverage and differentiate themselves better in the market.

Reduce overhead in your direct marketing efforts

Running and tracking direct marketing campaigns is time consuming, requiring investment in tools for campaign metrics and to analyze ROI.

When you have easy access to these metrics and analyses, you have more time to develop your overall marketing strategy.

Find out how utilizing Web of Science Author Connect custom list services can give you more time to focus on the big picture.