Increase efficiency and reduce overall spend

Constant innovation and reinvention are the lifeblood of your business. By protecting your IP with Thomson Reuters, you can innovate more, faster and for less.

When your investments are going into the billions, there’s little room for error. And even less for inefficient processes. Strategies are important, but so too are the tools you have to keep things moving quickly and within budget.

See how one company simplified and streamlined its IP tools and workflow to protect its IP assets and bring value to the world through innovation.

Reduce risk and maximize defensive strategy

Innovation is a risky business. Some say the best defense is a good offense. Others say the foundation of a strong defensive strategy is being well prepared for any number of unfortunate scenarios.

Whichever you believe, the basis of any strong, aggressive IP strategy is information. Whether you want to see threats early, or prepare strategies to protect your IP from infringement—having that information early can make all the difference.

Learn best practices to expand and protect patents in the reformed U.S. market with our white paper.

Ensure cost efficient filing strategy

The global IP landscape is constantly changing, impacted by new regional patent filing patterns. Identifying those patterns before they become trends is an important step in the IP protection lifecycle.

We get it—filings are costly, but with an effective strategy, it’s possible to keep those costs down. All while positioning your product for maximum ROI around the world.

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Drive collaborative decision making

When it comes to protecting your company’s IP, everyone’s a stakeholder: from the folks on the bench to the director of the board.

The innovations your company produces are changing the world—fueled by the outputs of curious minds and agents of change. To protect invention, it helps if everyone’s working from the same starting point.

See how one company found a way to access IP data in real-time across the organization and collaborate on rights relevant to global projects.