Stand on the shoulders of giants

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Thomson Reuters has worked with leading companies from across the globe on over 230 implementations of Thomson IP Manager.

Our unrivaled expertise provides a strong foundation for your IP management processes. And our proven methods give you the freedom to focus on more strategic issues while leaving the details of optimizing your IP management processes up to us.

Learn the key considerations for finding the optimal IP management system for your organization’s needs.

The single source for all your IP management needs

Effectively managing your IP assets can require a number of tools and services. Working with a single source can make your life easier, but who offers the full range of capabilities you need?

From IP management to IP payments and IP services, Thomson Reuters provides the best end-to-end solutions to research, manage, monetize, protect and assert your assets globally.

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Know the rules of the game before you play

The performance of an asset management system is only as good as the rules on which it runs. Using the wrong rules can open you up to a range of potentially costly risks, including missed payments.

With IP Rules from Thomson Reuters you get the most comprehensive and reliable rules set available, ensuring your assets are safe.

Learn how you can ensure your rights are protected everywhere you do business with IP Rules from Thomson Reuters.

Be more efficient across the entire enterprise

In today’s IP environment collaboration is essential. Thomson IP Manager is designed to facilitate better collaboration by routing tasks and connecting the right people at the right time.

It provides an up-to-date view of IP assets across the business to ensure stakeholders can make informed decisions. The result: less time on calls and in meetings, lower costs and more value extracted from your intellectual property.

Learn how Thomson IP Manager can increase efficiency for your organization.