Increase disease understanding and target ID

There’s a vast amount off genomic, biomarker, and compounds effect information available to research scientists: more than we’ve ever seen before. New and innovative ways are now available to help you pick the best targets from all this data.

Improve success rates in picking the right targets and better leverage the vast amount of data to accelerate your scientific discovery. Get testable hypotheses for disease mechanisms, drug targets and biomarkers with our world-leading Bioinformatics and Data & Knowledge Management Services.

Set the right R&D direction early

The new wealth of disease understanding opens up avenues of discovery previously closed off to R&D. A double-edged sword if ever there was one. So when it comes to deciding where to put your resources, you need early intelligence on competitors, targets, approvals, generics, IP, and new markets.

Discover how we can help you closely monitor your competitors, understand target landscapes and stay informed on the latest news from your industry.

Accelerate translational science

Only 1 out of 10 compounds that go into trials get to market to treat the originally identified disease/condition. Improving this ratio by a small amount early on can result in higher success in translation into the clinic, offering a huge impact on returns.

Find and evaluate new targets more quickly and develop therapeutically differentiated treatments with a higher degree of success.

Improve clinical ROI

Patient stratification, disease understanding, and drug action knowledge are continuing to progress, bringing us closer to a world of personalized medicine. At the same time, clinical trials remain an expensive necessity. It is fast becoming an imperative to decide early which treatments offer the best opportunities and focus resources and investment on these.

Design your clinical development program strategically, ensuring your drug’s favorable positioning against the competition.