Increase disease understanding and improve target identification

Many drugs fail in clinical trials because they don’t work. There’s a vast amount of genomic, biomarker, and compounds effect information available to research scientists. New ways are now available to help you pick the best targets from all this data and have the confidence to make your investment decisions.

Improve success rates in picking the right targets, gain insight on your drug discovery candidates and better leverage the vast amount of data to accelerate your scientific discovery.

Improve clinical ROI

Patient stratification, disease understanding, and drug action knowledge are continuing to progress, bringing us closer to a world of personalized medicine. At the same time, clinical trials remain an expensive necessity. It is fast becoming imperative to decide early which treatments offer the best opportunities and focus resources and investment on these.

Design your clinical development program strategically, ensuring your drug’s favorable positioning against the competition.

Navigate the changing regulatory landscape

The regulatory environment continues to evolve towards increased compliance requirements, scrutiny and enforcement—both locally and globally.

Keep track of the changing regulatory landscape and new trends from regulators all over the world and get to market faster.

Find the right partner, do the right deals

To focus your efforts where there is the most opportunity, it is imperative to monitor and understand the activity in new markets and the competitive partnership landscape.

As the pace of dealmaking continues to increase and happen earlier in the development lifecycle it is critical to differentiate your assets to stand out with potential partners.

Track your closest competitors to assess the competitive landscape with intelligence from every stage of the drug development process. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or license a drug candidate, Gain rapid insights into critical deal making trends.