What if you could reach the world’s most influential scientific minds with your next marketing message?

With our custom list services, you can access authoritative contact information for the world’s leading authors, researchers and scientists, allowing you to reach the right audience the first time.

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Get an edge over your competition

One of our list selection experts will work with you to create a highly targeted mailing list that can be used to:

  • Recruit new authors or editors
  • Launch a new title
  • Support new subscriptions and increase usage
  • Promote your achievements
  • Drive conference attendance

The Web of Science Advantage

Our email and postal lists are built from the industry - leading Web of Science – which includes only the world’s highest impact journals – so you can trust that you are reaching the people who matter most in your industry. Only Web of Science indexes every paper in the journals it covers and captures all contributing institutions and authors, no matter how many there are. The rigor of our methodology and level of expert human curation are second to none.

To help you connect with even more leading researchers, we have recently introduced two major updates to our Author Connect database. Authors within the Emerging Sources Citation Index and Book Citation Index in Web of Science will now be included in our list services, giving you access to over 200,000 more people.

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  • Customized service You consult with a list selection expert to create highly focused profiles. Your personalized list profiles can continue to be refined until your results are as precise as you require
  • Access to a wide range of published researchers Your profiles are run against the multidisciplinary Thomson Reuters database of researchers who have published in the journal literature within the past 52 weeks.
  • A targeted list of subject categories selectable by academic names, nonacademic names, scientific disciplines, subject categories, countries, states, SCFs, date of publication.
  • Frequently updated lists of prospects Your lists will be updated with new contacts monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.

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