The precise view of scholarly output

Easily understand, compare and improve institutional performance with detailed reporting options for internal and external purposes

Web of Science™ Profiles provides customers with a micro-level view of their institution’s publications and performance, including department and author metrics. It allows an organization to create, curate, and maintain visibility of their organization’s comprehensive research output and faculty activity, with reporting tailored to the department and researcher level.

An ideal add-on to your InCites™ analytics subscription, Web of Science Profiles lets you import Web of Science author attributions and combine them with InCites research analytics. You can track and analyze research output and influence at the individual and group level, benchmark against peers, and map your portfolio to global trends.

Features & Benefits

  • Track research performance at the researcher level
  • Maintain a real-time researcher portfolio
  • Reduce the burden in managing research output
  • Pre-populated profiles with Web of Science publications

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