One flow for the entire research life cycle

Advanced analytic reports of outputs and impact.

Assemble the complete professional profiles for a complete and up-to-date collection of all teaching, research, and service related activities.

Working with Converis

Achieve your faculty activity reporting needs

Converis supports Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR) with the ability to capture the complete professional profile of your academic faculty. It has a built-in data model to record and track all professional activities across an institution with the ability to customize and configure the system to meet the current and future needs of the ever-changing, complex university.

Improve your workflows

Streamline and digitize the work that's been done on paper, in email, or in legacy systems by managing structured, customizable workflows in Converis. One central system pulls in information from institutional data systems like Banner and PeopleSoft and tracks and records media mentions.

Customize as needed

You can use it right out of the box. Or you can customize the workflows, templates, reports, and every key element of Converis to suit your organization.

Make your work visible

Make research profiles, activities, and results visible online, increasing transparency and inspiring new collaborations within or outside your organization. In addition to supporting your research networking tools like VIVO.

Leverage the data you already have.

Collect information once and use it many times. Converis connects to more than 50 different systems, including finance and library functions, institutional repositories, human resources, and publication databases.

Create powerful reporting

Stay on-strategy with live-data dashboards, indicators, charts, and tables for internal and external reporting. The state-of-the-art Converis user interface is specifically designed for reporting and presentation.

Align with leading standards

You can rely on Thomson Reuters as a partner for staying on top of trends and standards in research information management. Thomson Reuters takes a leading role in initiatives like CERIF, CASRAI, AND ORCID.

Specialized components for research management

Converis gives your organization complete support along the research lifecycle. These integrated modules handle the heavy lifting.

Converis modules

Pre- and post-award management

Manage and report on a project from the initial idea and application process through the project itself, and track results such as publications, presentations, and citations of your published work.

Publication management

Systematically collect, validate, and report on publication of research results. Track bibliographic meta-data as well as full texts, including Open Access repository integration.

Research analytics

Converis offers an interactive, intuitive web interface for reporting on projects and publications. It’s never been easier to meet reporting requirements and examine your institutional track record.

Configuration module

Use this interface to adjust all key elements of Converis – data model, workflows, templates, user rights, and more.

Graduate student management

Administer the complete graduate student lifecycle, from admissions through study plans, on-program management, thesis submission, and graduation.

Research portal

Showcase your successes, your organization and your people to the world through a turnkey solution which can also be personalised.

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