Samsung Patents Biometrics System for Smartwatch


Samsung has patented a design for biometric authentication.

According to Patently Apple, the design focuses on a biometric system for the wearable and a glasses device that could incorporate a host of information including heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, an iris or retina scan, or a face.

We’ve seen Apple’s finger print security technology for years now, but it appears Samsung is trying to one-up their chief rival. By integrating biometrics, these scans could conceivably become far harder to beat, and also provide the device with information about your situation or surroundings. And with that intel, further advances could develop.

Imagine setting your phone to not unlock if your pulse is racing, implying you may be in the midst of being robbed. Or a watch that can monitor your pulse and send for emergency help if it drops below a certain rate. These are just a few of the applications we can image now, not to mention what’s inconceivable at this time.

It’s a potential game-changing patent for Samsung, one that could prove very valuable in time.