Reuters Announces its Top 100: Europe’s Most Innovative Universities Ranking

KU Leuven, Imperial College London, and the University of Cambridge are atop the Reuters Top 100: Europe’s Most Innovative Universities ranking.

The recently-released Reuters Top 100 aims to identify which institutions contribute the most to science and technology, and have the greatest overall impact on the global economy. The ranking uses proprietary data and analysis tools from the Intellectual Property & Science division to examine a series of patent and research-related metrics, and get to the essence of what it means to be truly innovative.

The most innovative university in Europe is KU Leuven, a Dutch-speaking school based in Belgium’s Flanders region which maintains one of the largest independent research and development organisations on the planet. KU Leuven earned its first place rank, in part, by putting out a high volume of influential inventions. Its researchers submit more patents than almost any other university in Europe, and outside researchers frequently cite KU Leuven inventions in their own patent applications.

The criteria for this study focused on academic papers, which indicate basic research performed at a university; and patent filings, which point to an institution’s interest in protecting and commercializing its discoveries. After sorting through these factors, the list was adjusted so that it only included European universities. The schools were then ranked based on their performance.

Other key findings of the Reuters Top 100:

  • Europe’s Most Innovative Universities ranking include the strong performance of universities in Western Europe, with 60 universities in the Top 100. Northern Europe comes in a distant second, with 24.
  • Southern Europe has 15. Eastern Europe only has a single university on the list, Poland’s Jagiellonian University, ranked 92.
  • German universities account for 24 of the 100 most innovative universities in Europe, more than any other country, while the United Kingdom came in second with 17 institutions on the list.

For more on the Reuters Top 100: Europe’s Most Innovative Universities, including a detailed methodology and profiles of the universities, visit or visit The State of Innovation for more details