IP analysis made easy

Evaluate IP opportunities and mitigate risks for confident decisions

Thomson Data Analyzer (TDA) is the industry leading analysis tool that transforms large amounts of IP data into actionable reports allowing for more strategic IP decisions. Easily analyze trends, profile competitors, avoid or uncover patent infringement, and identify strategic development opportunities. TDA is desktop software that offers a powerful interface for managing and extracting business-critical insights from patent and scientific data within in-house or commercial databases. With its advanced analysis technology, TDA allows you to cut through masses of data to give you clear and definitive insights — at a glance.

Easily clean data in TDA for consistent, comprehensive and accurate analysis. You can use predefined reports or create a variety of custom reports — allowing even non-IP experts to understand the data. The 64-bit version allows you to work with more data and provides faster analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • Gain critical competitive intelligence
  • Uncover new markets and opportunities
  • Evaluate technology landscape and industry trends
  • Share reports throughout your organization

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