Capitalize on your niche through licensing

Global expertise, resources and technology for results you can act on with certainty

Leveraging technically talented IP Consultants in the US, Europe, and Asia, we deliver world-class quality at extremely attractive rates and with the cost certainty that’s desired in patent sales & licensing. We work with some of the largest buyers, sellers, and intermediaries of patents in the world. We support clients in:

  • Portfolio analysis and audit
  • Product mapping
  • Evidence of use and claim charting
  • Essential patent identification
  • Preliminary review and rating

The consulting team identifies patents that are infringed by competitors’ products, so patent owners can license those patents at a royalty or identify and license patents that are used in the company’s product portfolio, which may be a potential litigation threat. In addition, evaluation of patent assets is also performed during M&A IP Due Diligence.

Features & Benefits

  • Capability to deliver high volume and fast turnaround jobs
  • Multi-lingual analysis w/ access to many data sources
  • Hybrid Approach: Algorithmic & Manual analysis
  • Proprietary services like Claim Charting and others

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