Thomson IP Manager Core Solutions

Proven processes for exceptional IP management


The number and complexity of decisions required to create the best processes for managing your IP assets can be overwhelming. With Thomson IP Manager Core Solutions we’ve thought about everything so you don’t have to. We’ve used our unrivaled IP expertise to develop a comprehensive set of solutions that cover the entire IP life cycle and provide a strong foundation for your IP management processes.


Life Cycle

Get up and running in less time, with less effort and expense

Thomson IP Manager Core Solutions includes a comprehensive set of preconfigured workflows with automated step-by-step IP management processes that can be used right out of the box.

Thomson IP Manager Core Solutions enables you to:

  • Get started immediately, with ready-to-use preconfigured workflows
  • Reduce complexity and dramatically shorten implementation timelines
  • Reduce expenses by streamlining the engagement process

Built for today. Ready for tomorrow.

Selecting the right IP management platform is an important decision, and one that you don’t take lightly. You need a system that meets your needs today, but you want a system that’s capable of adapting to meet your needs in the future. Thomson IP Manager Core Solutions delivers on both fronts.

Our proprietary configuration engine provides an unmatched degree of flexibility, making it virtually future proof. Whether it’s adding new modules or implementing new configurations, our robust architecture allows you to unleash the full power of the most advanced IP management system available as your needs evolve.

Choose the edition that’s right for you

Every organization has its own IT and support requirements. That’s why Thomson IP Manager Core Solutions is available in two editions:

  • Enterprise – This local installation offers the most flexibility and control; our experts deploy a proven implementation strategy and work closely with you for a smooth, seamless transition
  • Cloud – With highly secure U.S. and EU facilities, our hosted option lets you focus on your IP strategy while we handle the hardware, software, upgrades, and support

Cover your bases with IP Rules

The performance and success of an asset management system can only be as good as the rules on which it runs. Be prepared for shifting legislation with the engine that powers Thomson IP Manager – IP Rules – the most comprehensive rules file in the industry. Covering approximately 2,500 law changes each year in nearly 400 jurisdictions around the world, IP Rules enables you to:

  • Comply with global IP developments and ensure timely payments
  • Validate the integrity of newly acquired portfolios
  • Forecast the cost of maintaining your rights
  • Streamline IP portfolio decision making

Leverage the experience of the industry’s most knowledgeable IP experts

There is no substitute for experience. When seeking a partner to help manage your organization’s IP assets you want confidence that they know what they are doing. You can feel completely secure with us. Clarivate Analytics:

  • Has provided our clients the tools to manage their IP assets for more than 40 years
  • Currently manages more than 20 million IP assets worldwide.
  • Has worked with numerous 500 companies
  • Has implemented IP management systems for the world’s most innovative organizations

We’ve taken what we’ve learned and put it to work for you. Our proven processes give you the freedom to focus on more strategic issues while leaving the details of optimizing your IP management processes up to us. When effective IP management is critical to your business’ success, rely on the industry’s most knowledgeable IP experts

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