Optimize your IP payment process

Maintain your IP with greater efficiency, control and insight

After you’ve invested so much in developing intellectual property assets, the cost of protecting your global IP rights can be expensive. And with such a critical component of your business you can’t afford to compromise on quality.

You want a cost effective solution that gives you confidence that you’ll never miss a payment, but finding the right vendor can be confusing. Other vendors may offer you a seemingly low initial price, but it may not include fees or service charges, such as handling fees, agent charges or foreign exchange fees.

With our IP Payments pricing we’ve taken all of the guess work out of making the right decision. With competitive agent fees and no foreign exchange fees, you still get premium protection, now for an even better price.

Clarivate Analytics’ IP Payments pricing offers:

  • Unmatched fee transparency
  • Competitive agent fees
  • No foreign exchange fee
  • Premium-protection
  • Confidence your IP assets are secure

What you don’t know can hurt you

While transitioning to a new payment vendor may seem challenging, we know you will quickly see the benefit of transitioning to Clarivate Analytics. When we bring on a portfolio from a competitor, on average, we find:

  • Nearly 2% of records have missing or incorrect data required for maintenance
  • More than one in every 1,000 cases had lapsed in a prior year or had unpaid fees
  • After one year with IP Payments, clients experience an average 80% reduction in missing or incorrect dates

You can rely on IP Payments, the industry’s most extensive patent annuity and trademark renewal service. Let Clarivate Analytics handle your IP maintenance tasks so you can make strategic decisions with confidence, and know your IP is protected.

Cover your bases with IP Rules

IP Payments provides the solid foundation your business needs to eliminate risk and protect your most valuable assets. You’ll be prepared for shifting legislation with IP Rules – the most comprehensive rules file in the industry. Covering approximately 2,500 law changes each year in nearly 400 jurisdictions around the world, IP Rules enables you to:

  • Comply with global IP developments and ensure timely payments
  • Validate the integrity of newly acquired portfolios
  • Forecast the cost of maintaining your rights
  • Streamline IP portfolio decision making

Our proprietary IP Rules calculations are applied against your entire portfolio quarterly. These 26,000 calculations help readily and easily identify due dates – eliminating the risk of a missed payment and ensuring your rights are protected everywhere you do business.

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