Reduce time and increase confidence in patent searches

Patent and prior art searches: the stakes are high and the pressure is on. Your clients want fast answers to difficult questions. This means long hours searching and anxiety over missing anything.

When your clients are investing beyond millions in their innovations, time and margin of error are reduced to almost nothing. Information is important: but disorganized it can be your worst nightmare. Comprehensive, consolidated data can make you your clients’ hero.

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Assure nothing is lost in translation

The Information Age may have brought us closer together, but when it comes to global patents, language remains as big a barrier as ever.

When a small nuance in wording is the difference between infringement and freedom to operate, accuracy in translation is essential. The next best thing to rapidly becoming fluent in dozens of languages? Managing translations yourself with the help of external resources. Which is also easier on your prosecution budget.

Learn how one company uses our patent translation services to save time, reduce costs and protect its IP worldwide with our case study.

Ensure efficient and thorough IP due diligence

It’s the ultimate worst-case scenario: after hours of painstaking research, weeks of preparation, you uncover prior art that puts a serious dent in your IP strategy. Back to the drawing board.

The downside costs of missing something during IP due diligence can be huge. With the right information and tools, it is much, much easier to spot these threats earlier: and make a plan accordingly.

See how one company simplified and streamlined its IP tools and workflow to protect its IP assets and bring value to the world through innovation.

Find new applications for your clients’ technology

Your clients are always asking: what other markets can I get into? What else can this product do to maximize our R&D investment? Good questions; but they can be tricky for you to answer if you’re not familiar with the new or adjacent markets they’re interested in.

Advising a client to jump into a new market without a thorough understanding of the space is risky at best. By viewing the patent landscape in its entirety, and diving deeper into areas of interest, you can uncover new ideas and opportunities for your clients to invest in.

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