One Million Citation Baselines!

Fifty million papers, cited 700 Million times across 35 years.

You already know that InCitesTM allows you to analyze publication data from the Web of Science Core Collection to a depth that cannot be found anywhere else. But did you know that InCites not only allows you to benchmark a paper’s performance across the Web of Science categories, it also allows you to do this across 13 additional, international category schemas, such as the OECD, Italy’s ANVUR, and China’s SCADC designations? In all, that’s 790 categories!

For each of these categories, for each year, and for each of the 38 document types, InCites regularly calculates expected citation baselines.

Let’s do the math:
790 x 35 x 38 = More than 1 million citation baselines calculated every two months!