Making the most of library sharing in EndNote

Library sharing with EndnoteTM is a welcome addition that’s tailor-made for collaborative work. While you may have already taken advantage of sharing in EndNote, you may not know that there are several tricks to make it an even better experience.

Make the most of your sharing experience!

  1. Attach full text. 

    Attaching full text lets you tell your colleagues what articles you’re reading, and makes it easy for all of them to read, comment on and annotate the material. This is a great way to speed up research – and it can all be done with the click of a button.

  2. Share your thoughts.

    Attach your thoughts directly to any given source with annotations and sticky notes. Why is this a big deal? Instead of simply sharing references or even files, you’re turning your library into a real-time conversation.

  3. Go mobile.

    Download our free EndNote for iPad® app to access and manage your research from anywhere. Why confine yourself to your desk when you can join your collaborators wherever they are? Bounce ideas around face-to-face, with the research you need in your hands.

Turn your collaboration from a time-consuming process into an up-to-the-minute conversation and collection of your research. Keep everyone on the same page – even if they aren’t on the same continent! 


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