Tackle challenges and accelerate product and market development with our Professional Services team

Expertise, content, and technology to power life sciences innovation

Invest in your company’s success with strategic insights, analytics and consulting across Pharma, Biotech, Academia and Government sectors globally through our Professional Services team.

We can help you to integrate the explosive volume of data now available for analysis; increase the velocity and quality of your decision making; and empower more people inside the company to effectively contribute their insights. Our unique content, data integration expertise, experience and knowledge support drug discovery and translational research, clinical development, regulatory and portfolio & licensing activities for brand new molecules, repurposed drugs, biosimilars, generics, and active ingredients.

Our consultants have worked on 9,000+ drug programs, resulting in ~1,500 drugs launched and 2,000+ in development. Prior to their consulting roles, they worked as scientific experts, bench scientists, computational biologists, statisticians, clinical operations experts, and regulatory specialists in leading Pharma and R&D intensive organizations. Leverage their expertise to ensure thorough and trusted answers to your research questions.

We combine expert analysis using our authoritative content, proprietary and public content, 3rd party content, technology assets, proprietary analytical and visualization tools, and deep expertise in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. All to deliver tailored solutions that meet your unique business needs for faster, more informed decisions with higher confidence.

Features & Benefits

  • Provide high-impact consulting projects tailored to each client’s unique business needs
  • Global presence with local experts supporting strategic decision making across the drug R&D lifecycle
  • Accelerating innovation in Pharma R&D, our areas of expertise include: Bioinformatics, Discovery & Translational Sciences, Clinical & Regulatory Affairs and Portfolio & Licensing

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