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Every customer we serve needs a trusted source of industry news: and BioWorld™ Today is where they find it. Our readers are executives and partners in the C-suite; deal makers who control budgets and make decisions. A BioWorld subscription can be the perfect starting point, a gateway to discussions about additional solutions, or the logical add-on to an existing portfolio of business.

BioWorld is timely and news-driven but, unlike many competitors, provides insight and perspective, looking at the story behind the story. We interview the principals at companies that are making the news but add commentary from analysts and others that puts the new developments into context. Each daily update provides actionable intelligence on the business, clinical, scientific and regulatory news affecting the biopharma industry.

In addition to original daily news reporting, BioWorld offers an extensive searchable database at with two decades’ worth of biopharmaceutical news archives.

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  • Deeply experienced, award-winning news team
  • Twice-daily e-mail updates + breaking news alerts
  • Comprehensive coverage from around the world
  • Links from stories directly into Cortellis data

Explore the Dealmaker’s Playbook: drawing on BioWorld, Cortellis Competitive Intelligence, and Recap to give you the full picture on the potential deals across the life sciences.

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