Biology. Chemistry. Pharmacology.
All in one place.

Collated and curated by our team of scientists, Integrity empowers your research with data from your perspective.

Explore reliable, detailed information from the perspective of a scientist across multiple disciplines to support successful drug research and development.

Integrity℠ provides essential knowledge to empower your drug discovery and development with key scientific information and insight to prioritize drug development candidates, benchmark competitors/market leaders and assess the competitive landscape earlier than any other pipeline database – directly supporting scientific discovery.

Updated daily, expertly refined drug information is integrated in a single, flexible resource that helps drive innovation and support decision-making earlier in the process.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrates biological, chemical and pharmacological data
  • Key invivo / invitro hard data points support new R&D projects
  • Briefings provide overviews of diseases, treatments & trends
  • Comprehensive coverage of pipeline, patent, literature & conferences

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