The power to reach beyond the data

Introducing Drug Research Advisor, the game-changing suite of applications that integrate the three major steps of preclinical research into a single cloud-based workflow. In today’s crowded market Drug Research Advisor provides a reliable, quick and comprehensive view of an indication and its potential by bringing together the trusted information from Integrity and MetaCore.

Drug Research Advisor Accelerates the Drug Development Cycle

Presenting the first application in the Drug Research Advisor suite - Target Druggability

The new tool that allows you to interactively explore individual targets or target families, your way. The power to be best-in-class, to be first-in-class. The power to reach beyond the data.

Features & Benefits 

  • Explore whether there are better targets within the same pathway or target family with less competition.
  • Select and identify target preferences based on drug, biological, experimental & competitive intelligence, quickly and easily.
  • Compare and contrast potential targets in a single table to validate and align them.
  • Rank targets with an algorithm that automatically scores the best results.
  • Have more confidence that the decisions made are based on science, and have a stronger likelihood of success.
  • Implement a repeatable, enterprise-wide process ensures that all stakeholders review the same information.

Can you afford target identification failure?

See how Drug Research Advisor - Target Druggability can help make it a thing of the past

The graph below from Drug Research Advisor - Target Druggability shows the relationship between a target and its associated conditions, displayed in hierarchical fashion based on the related evidence.


Make target identification failure a thing of the past
Drug Research Advisor - Target Druggability empowers target identification research by integrating drug, biological, experimental and competitive intelligence into a single interactive search tool.



You want to be first, but first you need to be right
The new tool that brings together analytics, visualizations and insight. Giving you the speed to be first and the confidence to be right.



Make faster, more informed decisions, ahead of the competition
50% reduction in the time you spend on this type of analysis.

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