New insights, better decisions, improved success

Across Life Sciences a common theme is the huge cost of innovation. There’s a high degree of uncertainty in the development of any new drug or device and an imperative to be first to market. Increase success rates by a few percentage points and you transform the bottom line profitability.

Cortellis is the world’s most comprehensive suite of solutions for life science professionals, providing unmatched content, intelligent search, state of the art analytics and powerful visualization tools. Cortellis delivers the unique insights you need to reduce risk and increase success in innovation.

Bringing together data with analytics across the innovation lifecycle

The breadth of content delivered by Clarivate via Cortellis is unrivalled. We bring together a huge range of data across the drug and device innovation lifecycle, giving you new insights to improve success rates and shorten time to market.

Trusted intelligence

We don’t just gather data. Our specialist teams curate and enrich content turning it into the trusted intelligence that all of the top 10 Pharma companies globally rely on, to make decisions with confidence.

A new angle on the competitive landscape

Our Cortellis suite of solutions cover drug pipeline, clinical trials, patent, deals, company and conference data to inform your thinking – from setting your R&D and clinical trial strategy to assessing competitors and evaluating licensing opportunities. We provide unmatched industry coverage with 65,000 drugs in development (including 17,000 pre-clinical programs), 254,000 trials, 2.9M patent families and over 114,000 company profiles.

Driving the best clinical strategy

With comprehensive information on clinical trials and rare disease coverage, biomarker indexing, and progress of competitors’ drug programs, Cortellis delivers what you need to optimize trial design. To increase speed and facilitate compliance to increase chance of approval, 43 of the top 50 global pharmaceutical companies rely on our regulatory intelligence.

Data feeds to power informatics

We offer programmatic access to the huge range of Clarivate content to power internal applications allowing you to bring together your own content, 3rd party content, and the broad range of Clarivate content. No other partner can provide the variety of data you need to get the R&D strategy right – from biomarkers, targets, biological pathways, omics results, gene variants to pipelines, clinical trials, competitive information and regulatory guidelines.

Next generation workflow tools

The new Cortellis cloud applications are built using state of art technology combining Clarivate’s trusted content with next generation analysis, visualization and workflow tools, to empower life sciences professionals to draw new insights out of the rapidly growing sets of data, to make better decisions and drive their asset to the next stage of the innovation cycle.

The Cortellis suite of solutions includes:

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