Is Nintendo Set to Change the Gaming Industry Again? New Patents Say Yes

Once again, Nintendo may be set to change the way users play video games.

According to Polygon, Nintendo’s most recent patent applications show a glimpse into a future that could turn a tablet into a controller, or even replace the controller for simple hand movements.

“One patent application is for a controller-like accessory that plugs into ‘an information processing device,’ the report said. “That device is most commonly shown to be a portable, tablet-like system in images included in the document. The accessory has four buttons, enabling its use as a controller, with other images showing how the buttons can be pressed to become operational.”

Elsewhere in the filings, photos show a patent for a game operated by hand gestures.

“A camera housed on the handheld system would capture gesture information from a player’s hand to control a game,” the report said. “That’s the sort of new technology that Nintendo is known for when introducing a new system, and the gesture operations appear in the controller patent application as well.”

Nintendo changed the game when they released the Wii, making controllers that responded to physical user movements ubiquitous and the center of practically every Christmas party someone attended in 2006. And if they are poised to take that to the next level with hand gestures, or even make every tablet in the world adaptable to their gaming system, it should be a huge market disruptor once again.

Sony and Microsoft, it’s your move.