International Co Authors at the European Championship

With the onset of Match Day 3, we take a look at the final two groups:  B and  F. First, let’s examine Group B, which, comprising Wales, England, Russia, and Slovakia, offers a great mix of soccer prowess.  Wales, qualifying for its first-ever European Championships, is here to make a statement, with a win under its belt already against Slovakia. Meanwhile, Slovakia also hopes to make a splash, having entered the Championships for the first time as an independent nation. England and Russia trail the group in points with one each, looking to qualify to the knockout round with their final matches. But does the Welsh and Slovakian soccer prowess carry into the academic world?

Diving deeper into InCites analytics, we can measure the number of international collaborations – papers on which researchers from a given country share authorial credit with one or more international co-authors.



Of the four countries in Group B, England leads with over 280,000 papers that include one or more international co-authors, followed by Russia, with nearly 50,000 such papers. The group leaders on the pitch, Wales and Slovakia, trail with 13,000 and 9,000 papers, respectively.

Now let’s see how each of the four countries stands in terms of % of Industry Collaborations, or the share of a nation’s publications that list at least one co-author at an industrial or corporate institution, as distinct from academia.  This InCites statistic provides a measure of how closely a nation’s research is tied to the commercial world.



In Group B, England again tops the group with % of Industry Collaborations, followed by Wales. On the pitch, Wales started off strong in Match Day 2 with a 1-0 lead over England into the half, but the English force responded strong, taking the lead back in the final minutes of the game. It’s a tight race between Russia and Slovakia, with only .02% separating them. However, Slovakia took the win against Russia in a close game during Match Day 2.

The final group of the European Championships, Group F, also holds some fierce competition. With Hungary leading the group with three points after a win against Austria, and first-timers  Iceland surprising the crowd with a tie against favorites Portugal, Match Day 3 will be a real challenge to see who advances to the knockout round. Let’s see how these teams stack up against each other on the research pitch.



Austria, which trails the group with zero points on the pitch, leads the group with the highest number of papers with one or more international co-authors. Portugal, the group favorite, follows closely behind, hoping to regain their position as Group F favorites.



In terms of % of Industry Collaborations, Austria again comes out on top, butIceland isclose behind the Austrians. Hungary sits again in the third spot, with the Portuguese trailing the field.

With Match Day 3 beginning and each team looking to advance to the knockout Round of Sixteen, each team is taking to the pitch with a hunger to win. Off the pitch England leads the field in Group B, but will they be able to hold onto their lead on the pitch and advance to the next round? In Group F Hungary ended Match Day 1 leading the group by two points, but fell to the Austrians on the InCites playing field. Will Austria be able to come from behind, or will the group favorite, Portugal, be able to pull through?


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