Innovation Magazine is now available on Thomson Reuters Know 360

Innovation Magazine is a Thomson Reuters-published publication that provides a wealth of insights and information for professionals in research, science, intellectual property, and life sciences, and it’s now available on the go!

The magazine is now part of our Know 360 application that provides thought-leadership for professionals by professionals, designed and delivered for the way you work. And now, all our insights are available at your fingertips, wherever you are on the Thomson Reuters Know 360 mobile application.

Some of our new issue’s featured articles include the latest on trends in Wearable Technology, Fitness-By-Numbers, and Self-Driving Cars, along with an in-depth look at Today's Hottest Scientist and 2016 BlockBuster Drugs to Watch.

To get your free copy, download the Thomson Reuters Know 360 app for Apple iOS and Android devices available at thomsonreuters/know360app