Fostering Innovation in the Land of Smiles

Innovation is everywhere…in the products we use, services we consume, medical treatment we receive, finding ways to ensure sustainable development.

Self-driving cars, 3D printers, IoT or the Internet of Things … all these are the result of curious minds striving to find a better way to create and improve everything we do, even how we live and work, in a continuous cycle of innovation.

Against this backdrop of disruptive innovation around the world, we can see ‘collabovation’ as we like to call it (collaboration and innovation) taking place between corporations and universities, government agencies and research centers, start-ups and market leaders.

With the theme of Discovery, Protection and Commercialization, the 2016 Innovation Forum was organized in Bangkok on August 25 by ASEAN and North Asia, IP&Science as a platform to help Thailand’s research & innovation community uncover new ideas and ways to innovate, identify collaboration partners and discover, protect and commercialize ideas and brands. The full day event attracted close to 100 people, with speakers and attendees from a wide spectrum of academia, government bodies and corporations.

The Forum also saw the launch of an exclusive report by IP&Science entitled “ASEAN – The Emerging Research and Innovation Hub. This report, the latest in a series focusing on groups of nations, aims to provide an overview and analysis of the ASEAN countries’ research focus and impact in research and innovation based on scientific publication and patenting activity as indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection, Derwent World Patents Index® and Derwent Patents Citation Index®.

Besides presentations from various speakers, we had an hour-long panel session with a distinguished panel of leading innovators across industries and academia in the region from SCG, PTT Global Chemical, Nanyang Technological University and POSTECH, to discuss the practical challenges of collabovation in today’s market and ASEAN context. The topic “How to create a win-win partnership between academia and industry” is relevant and important as such partnerships are widely viewed as mutually beneficial and necessary to drive collaboration and innovation as well as commercialization. The panelists’ discussion and sharing was that in order for such partnerships to sustain and succeed, there needs to be firstly mutual trust, mutual interests and mutual commitment established; and a transparent operating mechanism put in place to ensure synergy and progress towards outcomes based on mutually agreed objectives. This takes time to build and sustain but is well worth the effort.

During the second half of the Forum, we recognized some of Thailand’s leading scientists for their ground-breaking research in three award ceremonies –

  • The Thailand Frontier Award Researcher Awards which we co-presented with OHEC, Thailand’s Office of the Higher Education Commission.
  • Thailand Hot Researcher Awards and
  • The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds 2015 whom we first announced worldwide on January 14 this year.

View these 4 visual graphics which summarize the Forum takeaways:

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